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For your science fair project this year, think of something that you really like to do. 
Do you like sports and games? 
There's a whole world out there waiting for you to discover the science behind what you love to do. 
Understanding the science can help you to play a better game. 
Here is a list I took out of Science Buddies; these are found under the Physical Science / Sports Science category. 
Just looking through the topics will give you other ideas, too. 
In their website they're rated Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced; the things you need to do the project are included.

Also -- Please see my blog entry on the Power of 10 words.  These will direct you to some basic concepts in physics and geometry for motion, sound, and light.  I think it's a good starting point.  You may find you know more about physics and geometry than you think you do.


Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics                                    Physics

                                          Music – 
Since I began this over ten years ago, I've become interested in the physics of music and the arts, too. (And science in stories!)

Invitation:  For any kids who are close enough to Quincy, Mass. / South Shore area, we would be interested in considering your project to be one of the exhibits at the 4th South Shore Science Festival. ( We're looking for exhibits that are interactive, that is, the people who come to your table will be able to participate in some way. We can help you with that.

And for kids who live anywhere and everywhere:  Help me spread the word that this is such a great way to get a start in understanding physics -- and geometry. Thank you!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Skipping Science: An experiment in jump rope lengths

Jumping Distance

The Brain-Body Connection: Can exercise really make our brains work better?

Think Fast! (reaction time)

Bouncing Basketballs: How much energy does dribbling take?

Drag Racing in the Water

Field Goal! The science behind a perfect football kick

How Quickly Does a Tennis Ball Lose Its Bounce?

Popping an Ollie: How skateboarders + physics = A really cool trick

Speed Quest

The Biomechanics of Pitching

Under Pressure: Ball bouncing dynamics

Aerodynamics of a Football

Basketball Physics: Where does a bouncing ball's energy go?

Basketball: Will you bank the shot?

Football Field Goals: Going the distance

Heart Health: How does heart rate change with exercise?

How Do Under-Inflated Tires Affect the Difficulty of Riding a Bike?

How Far Can You Throw (or Kick) a Ball?

How Fast Can You Shoot a Hockey Puck?

How High Can You Throw a Baseball? A Tennis Ball? A Football? A Golf Ball?

Measuring Concussion Risk in Football and Other Contact Sports

Nothing But Net: The science of shooting hoops

Physics of Vibrations

Racing to Win That Checkered Flag: How do gases help?

She Shoots, She Scores! How does hockey stick flex affect accuracy?

Soccer: Geometry of goal scoring

The Physics of Cheating in Baseball

The Physics of Follow-Through

Back and Forth to Go Forward: A snake on wheels?

Balancing Act: Finding your center of gravity

Baseball Bat Debate: What's better, wood or aluminum?

Cold Pack Chemistry: Where does the heat go?

Golf Clubs, Loft Angle, and Distance: The science of hitting

Power Kicks: The physics of martial arts

Skateboard Extremes: Which wheels are best for speed and turns?

Skiing and Friction:  How does ski wax affect the sliding friction of skis?

Tee Time:  How does tee height affect driving distance?

Tee Time: How fast is your golf swing?

The Physics of Baseball and Hit Charts

Tightening the Turns in Speed Skating:  Lessons in Centripetal Force & Balance

A Cure for Hooks and Slides?  Asymmetric dimple patterns and Golf Ball Flight

Aerodynamics and Hockey: Does the force of drag have an effect on the distance the puck will travel?

Are more expensive golf balls worth it?

Basketball: The geometry of banking a basketball

Crossed Up:  Does crossed hand/eye dominance affect basketball shooting percentage?

Electrolyte Challenge: Orange juice vs sports drink

Football: Punting

Paintball Ballistics

Playing the Angles: The physics of balls bouncing off of surfaces

The Science of Spin: How does spin affect the trajectory of a kicked soccer ball?

Skating and Angular Momentum

The Science of Spin: A baseball pendulum

Which Team Batting Statistic Predicts Run Production Best?

Golf Clubs, Loft Angle and Distance

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